Rex Media Group Ltd.

Rex Media Group Ltd. is an online marketing company offering a wide range of results-driven services to its clients. Services we can offer help and expertise in include PPC, SEO, Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing to Website and App Development. 

About Rex Media Group Ltd (UK)

Our company name “Rex” derives from the Latin word "King" (Specifically, it was the title of the kings of ancient Rome) and to give a nod to the high powered Kings of ages past, we endeavour to drive the best performing, royal top of the line marketing campaigns and services to our clients. Rex Media Group Ltd is based in the UK and has a diverse team of marketing and technical specialists onboard.

Our Services

Whether you need help with one type of marketing, development or more, our services include a knowledgeable team with the best customer support from the get-go. With years of experience and a proven track record under our belt, we can offer you help in the following areas:


Search engine optimization and Pay Per Click Marketing. You can start getting traffic to your online business in many ways; organic SEO (search engine optimisation) and also paying for traffic via search engine adverts in major search engines like Google and Bing. Most of our online websites use both models to complement each other, and we can help you drive high-quality traffic to yours.

Content Creation

If you need words, our content team has years of experience providing you with unique content that fits your vision. With a background in various industries, including travel, shopping, health, environment and children’s puzzle games, we’re confident that we can deliver you unique and savvy content that you’ll love! 


Need content professionally translated? No problem. Our team is a multi-lingual force to be reckoned with, and we offer translation services in the following languages: Swedish, Finnish, Ukrainian, Russian and German. We can translate in a fast turnaround time, no matter if you need a small project or a large project translated.

Website Development

An area where we truly shine; Rex Media Group has consistently developed successful websites from scratch, including the UK-focused online gambling guide Casino Fans, All Gambling Sites, and For sport betting, we run our own betting sites Everything you need, done in a unique way, can be delivered to you. The thousands use no templates; we will deliver a tailor-made CMS and website that offers you all the functionality your business needs and deserves. This year we have added to our gambling guides.

App Development 

This also applies to App development. If you have ideas for an App that you wish to be created for your business, whether that be on the iOS or Android platforms (or indeed both) then we can help bring them to life.